What Is PMA Company in Indonesia: Definition, Sectors, and Regulation


What is PMA company in Indonesia? Those who are interested in investing in Indonesia likely want to know about it. PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) is an Indonesian term referring to a company fully or partially owned by foreigners. It’s different from foreign companies’ representative office because it can obtain a license to do a full-business, not simply local customer care and research like a representative office does.

PMA company is a legal entity in which foreign investors can invest and do their business in the country. It has the same as rights and liabilities as any other company in Indonesia. The owner of the company is minimum two—either an individual or legal entity such as investment company or government. The organization structure must consist of at least one director and one commissioner. PMA can also employ foreign workers as long as they obtain the permit to do so.


The Guidelines to Opening a Personal Bank Account in Indonesia Without Residence Permits

The Guidelines to Opening a Personal Bank Account in Indonesia Without Residence Permits

If you are a foreigner in Indonesia and need to do some banking transactions, you might want to open a personal account at a local bank there. However, there are usually some procedures that make this difficult, especially when you do not have KIMS or KITAS (a limited residency permit card) and KITAP (a permanent resident permit). Here you will find out some solutions on opening a personal bank account in Indonesia without residence permits.

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The general procedures for opening a personal bank account in Indonesia


What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Arbitration?

ARbitrage advantage disadvantage
ARbitrage advantage disadvantage

Arbitration is one way of dispute resolution that is often taken by businesspeople in Indonesia. To that end, this article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration. Dispute resolution through arbitration has several advantages, namely,

  1. Can be processed quickly.

Settling disputes through arbitration may prevent both disputing parties from the delays that caused by procedural and administrative things. The arbitration procedure is not complicated. The decisions also can be achieved in a relatively short time. The length of time of the arbitration agreement shall be determined by the parties involved. If it is not, it will be determined by the Arbitral Tribunal. In addition, the arbitration decision is final and binding, so there is no possibility of any other remedies, such as appeal or cassation.




Litigation attorneys, also known as “litigators,” are the who represent defendants or plaintiffs in civil cases, including resolving labor disputes. But what exactly does a litigator do? They are responsible for managing all phases of the litigation process from investigation process, pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, trial, until settlement and appeal. In short, a litigation attorney is responsible for protecting clients’ rights through the courts.

Litigator differs from a trial lawyer. A litigator may be a trial lawyer and vice versa. However, an attorney doesn’t necessarily have to be both, although many are. A litigator is someone who takes the legal action against people and organization and handles the entire case from start to finish, while a trial lawyer is the one who excels in the courtroom. In some large firms, their roles may be mostly reserved for court appearances while paralegal handles the case preparation.


How Long Does It Take to Litigate?


One frequently asked question before litigation is carried out by a Litigator or a Lawyer is “How long does it take to litigate?”. To be frank, it is not an easy question to answer due to many factors. Before we jump to the answer to that rather complicated question, let’s start everything with the introduction to litigation.


What is a litigation?

Despite its familiarity in the legal area, litigation has a variety of definitions. Specifically, litigation means a pending lawsuit waiting to proceed in a court. In general, it is defined as any dispute between two people in which legal rights are at issue. However defined, litigation is a strange concept to many people. It can be a tremendous exhaustion on your finance and emotion.