The Guidelines to Opening a Personal Bank Account in Indonesia Without Residence Permits


If you are a foreigner in Indonesia and need to do some banking transactions, you might want to open a personal account at a local bank there. However, there are usually some procedures that make this difficult, especially when you do not have KIMS or KITAS (a limited residency permit card) and KITAP (a permanent resident permit). Here you will find out some solutions on opening a personal bank account in Indonesia without residence permits.

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The general procedures for opening a personal bank account in Indonesia

First of all, what a foreigner needs to know about opening a personal bank account in Indonesia is deciding which bank meets your financial needs. If you would like to open an account in an Indonesian bank, you will need to apply with some paperwork, such as:

  • Passport
  • Reference letter from your employer
  • 4×6 sized self-photograph
  • Domicile letter
  • Spouse’s government-issued ID card (if necessary)

The process of opening the bank account may depend on the bank’s regulations and all the requirements that you have fulfilled. It can be done in one day or up to five weekdays.



What about opening a personal bank account in Indonesia without residence permits? Is that possible?

There are foreigners who stay in Indonesia for a short period or temporarily but need to open a personal bank account as they have to do some banking transactions. However, it is almost impossible to open a bank account in Indonesia without a residence permit. For your information, to obtain a residency permit like KITAS, you have to wait for over six months including the submission of your application. This is why many foreigners choose to keep using their foreign bank accounts which can be costlier and time-wasting.



So, what is the solution?

It is recommended that a foreigner who temporarily stays in Indonesia for a business trip to have a business visa. This requirement is actually regulated in the most updated work permit regulations in Indonesia published in October 2015: the foreigners who stay for a while in Indonesia to attend seminars, meetings, short-courses, and training do not have to apply for IMTA (a work permit for the foreign workers in Indonesia), but a business visa instead.



How to get a business visa

There are two types of business visa you can obtain in Indonesia, i.e., single entry business visa that lets you stay in Indonesia for 60 days and the multiple entry business visa which allows you to stay in Indonesia for one year. This visa makes opening a personal bank account in Indonesia without residence permits possible. Just remember not to use this visa to get employed or receive a salary in Indonesia, as it has been strictly regulated that a business visa is only for business purposes such as attending a seminar, short-courses, or a conference.

Do the following steps to get a business visa:

  1. Get a sponsor (an Indonesian registered legal firm).
  2. The sponsor submits your visa invitation to the Indonesian Immigration Office.
  3. The Immigration sends the visa invitation to an Indonesian Embassy of your choice (it takes 3-5 working days).
  4. The Embassy proceeds your business visa (normally takes about 3 working days).

Done and done. Enjoy your business trip to Indonesia!


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